Off with those head - b-liv be cellnique [Review]

By Gwendolyn Me - June 27, 2013

Many of you would have come across this product, some of you might even own it. And some of you may even be introduced to it but never had the heart or cash to purchase it…

Today, i’ll be doing a product review on the very famous B’liv by Cellnique [Off with those heads]. This is just an honest opinion and review from me.

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As you can see, my bottle is NOT NEW. So this is a prove that i’ve been using it for quite some time. You know you’d never know the great deal of a product until it’s tried, tested for a period of time. As some products will seem perfect for you at the beginning but after a few months it becomes dry, oily or not suitable and not as great as how you had it in the beginning.

Firstly, this product is pricey. But i bought it at a set with [Got me covered] which is a sunscreen foundation under the same range as well. This product is clear gel serum form. It DOES NOT smell like coconut or anything herbal (i hate those smell). In fact, it smells like nothing. But when you apply on it, it feels very minty. It’s not an acne or wound stinging kind of feeling, but more of a minty cooling feeling. Like you can feel it really absorbing it into your skin. So it does work….. does it?

I’ve got sensitive skin as well as minor Rosacea, so i’m really picky and sensitive towards product as well, and this product is sensitive-free. So done that, tried that, tested that, proven that!! But of course, if you are that 1 out of 50 who is sensitive towards it, then it’s a real unfortunate for you. And like i've said before, this is just an opinoin towards me, so they may be some of you out there who hates this or your skin reacts differently. 

Everyone has blackheads, and so do i. And it’s not really a very pleasant looking look. So how does your black heads really get OFF??? As it says “Off with those heads”… Does it disolve away? Does it fall out? Or what happens to your blackheads and how does the serum work?? Well, these are question for really picky and practical people who really want to know how things works. And i can say, how this product works for me and you could be different. But i’m just telling my side of the story and how it works on me.

I apply it twice a day, rub it in my nose till it dries out and i continue on with my skin care routine. From the third or forth or fifth day after i apply (counting from the first day). I will get a really itchy feeling on my nose and under lip (where i apply the product). The feeling is really itchy and annoying and i’ve got REALLY REALLY ITCHY FINGERS. this is when the product really works. All i have to do. Is get tissue, cotton pad, or cloth or anything! I normally use tissue. damp my face (the area), with a spray mist (just normal water. I bought an empty spray bottle and just filled tap water in), i spray it on my nose. Then use the tissue gently squeeze my nose. and you will see the magic work. ALL those blackheads that you wonder how it will get “OFF”, will be OFF on the tissue. Okay. it’s really really gross for some people, but to see all the blackheads (it won’t be black, it’ll be yellow. cause they are clogged dirty oil). things on the tissue. You will feel great and fantastic. After a few squeeze the itching will stop. mind you. Don’t squeeze till you get a bruise nose, that pressure isn’t needed. After you are done. you can apply your moisturizer or the product and you’re done with it.

You could easily just use the nose pore strip. Pore stirp does the same thing and BETTER in fact. But the tissue is just if you want to really get into it by hands. and if you’re out in the public and your nose itches but i would suggest you to squeeze it yourself unless you are a professional in it, or you are use to it. Because it may leave to bruises and a red nose. Do not blame me for that. I've warned you. 

1. The product does do what it says. 
2. Blackheads are easily off. 
3. It is not sticky or tacky. 
4. Could be used under make up. 

1. It is pricey. 30ml for RM139/SGD$55. 45ml for RM179/SGD$72
2. Doesn't come in any sample or smaller size. 

Does it really work? 

because i’ve tested it, without the product, squeezing my nose with tissue doesn’t work. Nothing comes off. Not even after i steam my face or put a hot towel to open up the pores. It’s just different. It’s not the same. Nose pore strips, yes they work, But do they really come off 100%??? No. but with the Off with those heads?  I can say yes. As smooth as a baby butt. LOL. maybe they should name it ‘smooth as a baby butt’ rather than ‘off with those heads.’. HAHAHAA. If you ask me if you should buy it? My answer is, if you have the money yes. Because spending money on your face is always the best investment. Better than spending on expensive clothes and bags and stuff.

Would i recommend it? 

So this is my review and how it works on me. Do you have this? How does it work on you?? Or what other products and methods you do to get rid of those blackheads? 

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