Haruhada High Concentrate Activator

By Gwendolyn Me - June 18, 2013

Today, i will be reviewing on a Haruhada product in first impression (Not sponsored). It is the Haruhada Activator. It comes in 6 different kinds. 5 is the same bottle but in different color labels, and one is an entire pink bottle. This bottle retails at RM59 per 30ml bottle, but SASA has a sale of 2 bottles for RM79. That equals to RM39.50 per bottle. (Like RM20 cheaper than the original price). Well, why would i need TWO right? i'm not till that extreme with sales, not with stuff that i haven't try or come across like this. 

There isn't much review and information about this. I mean there is, just isn't sufficient enough to let me know what it really does as well as, the effectiveness and what it really does. Or so, enough to convince me to get it. 

So what is it really??

"Haruhada High Concentrate Activator gives soothing and whitening effects. It contains such skin-conditioning ingredients as enantia chlorantha bark extract and oleanolic acid. It leaves skin soft, smooth and lustrous."
- From SASA.com

I know that is really little information enough to be given to someone, or enough to convince someone about it. Haruhada is a brand that i couldn't even find the website to give me more information about it, or the website for the product. Haruhada is a brand from Japan. (Hence, the name) It actually means "Skin of Spring" translated to english. All their products smell very japanese blossom spring smell. LOL. Most of their products contain botanical extracts and hyaluronic acid or collagen, and as we all know, Japanese products are trustable. OF COURSE THEY HAVE TOO! Look at the japanese people. SKin all damn nice one. LOL. 

So, today.. it is the Haruhada Activator. What does an Activator really do? It is suppose to penetrate through your skin and activate the cells that are dying, or to boost it up. It's similar to the Lancome Genefique Activator. (Well, all activator does the same right?) 

Haruhada High Concentrate Activator gives soothing and whitening effects. It contains such skin-conditioning ingredients as enantia chlorantha bark extract and oleanolic acid. It leaves skin soft, smooth and lustrous.

So here is the packaging. It looks like this. 

The bottle taken out comparison to my hand size. It's a 30ml bottle. And it's filled FULL!! 
You know unlike those product which they say 30ml but give half (like potato chips)
I quite like the bottle, it's small, but not too small. 30ml is alot. TRAVEL FRIENDLY, i can bring this around for travelling and do not need to worry about check in. 

Ingrdients in this products is 
  • 【Glycerin】softens and hydrates.
  • 【Arginine】moisturizes.
  • 【Enantia Chlorantha Bark Extract】maintains the skin in good condition.
  • 【Oleanolic Acid】whitens, gives anti-oxidizing effect, and reduces inflammation.

These are the four main products and as seen at the back of the packaging, it is stated there. I like how even though it is in Japanese. SASA took the effort to printint out in chinese AND ENGLISH, to let us know at least what it does. 

This is the drip. I like that this drip is the pump kind, rather than the push kind. (Like the LOREAL YOUTH CODE)
I found myself getting annoyed at the applicator for the LOREAL YOUTH CODE cz i had to press the tip to push the pressure and get it out, it was so annoying, i could barely get anything out of it, and the thing keeps slipping of my hands.
So this product comes with the rubber tip, just press to pump, and to release. Quick, easy, fast and clean. 

So here is one drop of it. like ONE DROP. not the whole pump. and this can cover my whole face. It isn't a sticky solution or a tacky feeling. It is a fluid serum form rather than a tacky heavy serum oil form, and this feels more like an exlixir. the smell is nothing. LOL. 
okay i know it is impossible to smell like nothing. But i would say it smells like non-alcohol fragrance free toner. 
HAHAHAA. it's true!! 

It absorbs into the skin straight away. and it doesn't leave a sticky feeling or dryness. It just feel like a plump nice hydrating clean feeling. 

Overall, this product is amazing. Throughout the day, i don't feel my face oily, or heavy. It makes my skin feel soft, smooth and lustrous like it describes. This i would say is a very good skin conditioner. or skin treatment i can say it. Boost up your skin. Apparently this is suppose to give me some whitening effects, but i can't really tell in one applicaiton because this is more like a first impression review. I have used this for a week and using it as a toner way. After cleansing my face, and this is amazing. the moisutizer and my make up feels and looks nicer. and i don't look dull anymore. 

BUT, it is hard to say as this is not the only product that i use or recently use. But i would say, it is worth the try and is a good buy. 

I know nothing could win and beat the Lancome Genefique Activator or the SKII Facial Treatment Essence. BUt this is definately something to grab when it's on sale. 

*note: My sister just called me telling me that the SASA CLEARANCE SALE in CINEALEISURE is selling the botnanical one for RM18! So i told her 'GRAB IT!! WHATCHU WAITING FORRRRR!" 

so yea... will review on that when i get it. AND, will update on this product after a long usage because you know there are always products that are amazing in the beginning but after a few trys or a month it changes? So lets see how it would be. 

For now here is my summarize of everything. 

- it is travel friendly. 
- it is not sticky/tacky and absorbs into the skin well. 
- my skin is no longer flaring red (or so far not yet but definately reduced)
- it didn't give me a tingling dry tight feeling. 
- my skin looked and felt soft and smooth

- RM59 for 30ml bottle?? It's a little too pricey, but getting it for RM18 and RM39 is worth it.
- Have to wait for sales for a cheaper price. 

Would i recommend it? YES. why not? It's a good investment.
Would i repurchase it? YES, (i already bought the other ones) 

So if you have tried it, let me know if it felt different for you. :)


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