DIY Face Mask Sheet

By Gwendolyn Me - June 24, 2013

Today, it's about face mask

I'm not sure if you have seen this before, but i have seen it everywhere and around. You get get this or see these in sasa, in the small beauty stalls and shops, watsons, guardians and anywhere. I've always wonder how this works. All i knew, that it was a face mask. I've never really bothered on giving this a try as i've always bought the packet face mask kind. But today, i saw this at watsons for RM9.90 (for 15 face mask), so i decided to grab one and give it a try. 

Now, this funny little white round compressed face mask sheet are dry and 100% viscose. And they look like these. 

How does this thing work?

1. Open the packet seal and take one of the round shape mask. Tear of the plastic around it and the top and the bottom piece of white protective paper will come of. 

It is not a very big size and you can see the fabric face mask on each side top of bottom already. 

2. Next, take a container and put the dry mask on it, and take out our lotion or skin conditioner or diluted serum (concentrated serum will take longer and harder to absorb. I would advise you to stay off using toner as most toner contains alcohol and dries up your skin. )

3. Take your chosen lotion/skin conditioner and pour on top of the mask into the container. The mask will absorb the liquids and expand (see photo below comparison to before and after)

4. Once it is wet and fully absorb (i waited about 2 minutes) open up the sheet to see if it is wet enough, If it is not, place the sheet back into the container and add more. 

5. Place mask on face and leave it on for 15-30 minutes. (depending on what solution you use). Then peel it off and massage extra essence into your face. 

See comparison before and after. 

Products that i have used today for this first trial DIY face mask is 
1. Haruhada Hyaluronic Acid Skin Lotion
2. Naris Up Skin Conditioner Marin Collagen
3. Naris Up Skin Conditioner VC (Vitamin C)
You can use any products that you prefer depending on the outcome that you want to achieve. 

As you should know the basic ingredients that gives you the benefit and meaning of it. (I'll write a next post on ingredients) 
- Hyaluronic Acid is for moisture. 
- Arbutin is for whitening. 
- Sacrylic Acid (Beta-Hydroxy Acid) is for oily/acne
- Cucumber, Avocado & Aloe Vera is for smoothing and calming. 
- and the list goes on. 

My thoughts and wonders of this. Pros&Cons

Firstly, the face mask sheet isn't bad. I had expected a bad quality face mask. Like the cheap gonna peel or rough hard kind, cause it cost like RM0.66 for ONE face mask sheet after divided. Tt's a 100% Viscose material face mask sheet. Well, you could go for a much expensive one like COTTON or something, but this mask rates a 7/10 from me.

I would say it's a little inconvience compared to the ready packet face mask if i'm travelling, or i want something fast or with extra benefit. (Like the multiple usage kind) BUT, i think it is cheaper. Think about it. RM9.90 for 15 sheet. And the lotion cost abour RM35 for Naris up 350ml and RM39 for Haruhada 500ml. And to think about it, you can use MORE THAN 15 mask for one bottle. that means it's cheaper!! Well, it's cheap but not travel friendly. BUT on the other hand, with this, you can one main benefit.
For example, if i use the Naris Up Skin Conditioner VC i can purely that benefit, rather than a mix of bit and here everywhere and not getting a full after effect of it. Oh well, i guess it works both ways.

Any downside of this? Not really, i think the only thing i can think of is the trouble to find a container to fill it up and it MIGHT get a little messy if i spill things over. (But i didn't :D)

Would i do this and repurchase again? 

Would i recommend it?
WHY NOT? I guess there are more to explore on this. And when i do, i'll update again. :)

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