Apparently the most authentic Japanese restaurant in Sydney. H has been hear once and he claimed it was so good he had to come back again with me and he managed to get a booking.


From the outside, the place looks like a random place that you wouldn’t think of walking in unless you knew what it was. Right in the middle of residential area of Cammeray (North of Sydney), I would have missed it if it wasn’t for H.


THE place to go for premium SAKE & SHOCHU in Sydney – they say. Unfortunately I don’t talk about alco. So I won’t be able to provide a range of sake and how good it’ll be.

You have to spot it.

First time trying Uni. (Uni is the Japanese word for Sea Urchin). I usually avoid ordering it, as people around me don’t really enjoy Uni or order it so I have never had the urge or the craving for Uni until today as H is a Uni-guy.

It has a really rich sea flavour but not fishy or salty (like oysters and shells) but creamy at the same time! As it’s my first time and my only time (till date) I can’t say it’s the best as there’s nothing to compare to, but it’s definitely something I’ll order to try around. Maybe a Uni-challenge coming up?

We also ordered the Chawanmushi which is OH MAI GAWD da best!

Texture and taste is perfect! Portion isn’t small too! I hate some places which has really small portion and I’ll end up finishing it within 5 mouth spoon and H can take up 1 mouth spoon and three quarter gone. T3T

Yakitori – One thing I’ve noticed in a few Japanese places. You really can’t go wrong with yakitori! We ordered the wagyu beef and the pork belly yakitori. Figured we wanted slightly savoury with all the seafood.




Sushi and Sashimi were both served Omakase style. Don’t know what type of Nigiri Sushi and Sashimi was provided until it’s served. And we definitely weren’t disappointed at all! I get slightly disappointed with omakase nigiri sushi serving Tamago Sushi. Unless the Tamago is really top-notch awesome pawsome.


Lobster popcorn – I cannot get enough of this.



I repeat.





This was sooooo good! If you’re here, you gotta try this!


Huge ass green tea mochi for dessert that was really good! It’s hard to find a place that serves good mochi. Some places are either too stiff and hard as it was left in the fridge/freezer for too long.


If you’re looking for a new Japanese place to go, definitely try Toriciya. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.




Toriciya Christmas Holiday 24/Dec/2017 – 15/Jan/2018

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